Massive Internet Slowdown Across Southeast Asia as AAG submarine cable breaks

There’s bad news if you’re in Southeast Asia today after a key cable responsible for providing internet to the region broke, sending browsing speeds plummeting to a snail’s pace.

Some users will experience occasional packet loss and high pings when accessing US-based servers, resulting in exceptionally slow loading times for sites like Facebook, Twitter and other sites with US-based servers. Even messaging apps like WhatsApp will see some slowdown in sending and receiving messages.

The Asia-America Gateway (AAG) is a 20,000-kilometer (12,000 mi) long submarine communications cable system, connecting South-East Asia with the USA mainland, across the Pacific Ocean via Guam and Hawaii.

The cable has encountered frequent breaks and outages since its ready for service in late 2009. Most of the outages are located at the intra-Asia segments between Hong Kong and Singapore, while the segment between Hong Kong and the Philippines seems to have less problems. The segments between the Philippines and the U.S. are quite stable. On July 15, 2014 the segment at Vung Tau, Vietnam, 18 km off the coast of the city central was damaged and the internet bandwidth to international destinations was disrupted. Few days ago, they faces this issue again and whole country has to depend on the land cable.

Repairs are expected to take longer than usual as Hong Kong is being hit by typhoon Kalmaegi.

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