New Server United Kingdom 02 Added & New TCP/UDP 1194 exclusively for YES4G (Malaysia)

Dear all users,

There was a series of software patched through all of our VPN servers awhile ago. You may have experience some connection issue but it is all fine now.
This update bring a new changes to TCP/UDP 1194. This port shall now be exclusively for YES4G (Malaysia) to work at it's best and although it been said so it is not necessary that other ISP's customer cannot connect to this port, you can but the outcome is not guaranteed. You should download new config from our website in order for the new changes to take effect.

​We've also added 1 new server in Maidenhead, United Kingdom (United Kingdom 02). You can check for our latest server list over Kindly contact us if you're having any issue.

Thanks, FinchVPN Team