Importance changes and updates for all FinchVPN users

Dear all users,

As you might have noticed about some of the stability issue of FinchVPN within past few days, it it actually caused by our development and ongoing testing/upgrade over certain VPN servers. But that is now over and you should be able to use our VPN servers as usual. We also have a few updates that we need to let you know.

1) OpenVPN configuration changes. - There are some changes applied to the OpenVPN configuration therefore you must download the new configuration in order to connect to our VPN servers. You can download the new configuration here (You must login to our web portal to download)

2) FinchVPN GUI disabled - Our windows client (FinchVPN GUI) is currently disabled and you shall use OpenVPN client until further notice.

3) New servers - We've added 1 new server in Hong Kong, you can check the server list here

4) Free China VPN - We've added 1 new server in China for FREE! You can find our more about this over here

*This server can be used to bypass PPStream/Youku/Tuduo/etc

5) *NEW* usage limitation on certain servers - This is the new rules that were discussed by board of staffs before application. There are now bandwidth limit on certain servers. You will not be able to connect to the server that got their bandwidth fully utilized. This decision was made due to recent issue with bandwidth abuse on our bandwidth sensitive servers (sg-02/hk-01/etc). The new bandwidth limitation will works as following: HK 01 (25000MB) HK 02 (12500MB) SG 01 (25000MB) SG 02 (10000MB). The quota information will be make available at here

How does the quota works? If you used up 25000MB on HK 01 you will not be able to connect to it until the first day of next month. But you still can access HK 02 with 12500MB left, until you finish it off you will still have access to HK 02. And the same goes with other servers.

*Please note that other servers still provide UNLIMITED quota*

That's all for now, please kindly contact us if anything.

FinchVPN Team