This guide describes the configuration of a PPTP connection on Windows 7 using the Operating System's built in client.
It is recommended to use OpenVPN to connect to our service. OpenVPN surpasses firewalls and routers easier and is more secure than PPTP. PPTP is considered broken and should really only be used on platforms where OpenVPN is not available.
Instead of setting up PPTP, please follow the corresponding OpenVPN guide.

To begin setting up a new network connection, bring up the Start menu and select Control Panel. The Control Panel gets displayed. Click Network and Internet.

Network and Internet

Click Network and Sharing Center on the right panel.

Network and Sharing Center

Click Setup a new connection or Network.

Setup a new connection or Network

A wizard to set up a connection or network will be shown. Choose Connect to a workplace to set up a VPN connection. Click Next.

set up a connection or network

If you already have other dial up/VPN profile on your system this page will come up. Simply select No and click Next.

Internet address and Destination name

Choose Use my Internet connection (VPN). Your already active Internet connection is used to establish a new one to FinchVPN.

User name and Password

The Internet address to connect to is depends on which server you wanted to connect to (Eg fr-01.****.com for France 01), for the Destination name just use the same one you enter for Internet address.

Please obtain your PPTP internet address at address used in the screenshot is a sample address

ready to use

Enter your credentials for User name and Password. Choose if you want to Remember this password for this VPN connection. Do not supply a Domain. Click Create.

ready to use

The wizard displays a message saying the connection would be ready to use. Do not connect now further configuration needs to be done. Click Close instead.

ready to use