FinchVPN for Windows Setup Guide

Connecting to FinchVPN from Windows using FinchVPN GUI is quite easy. A step-by-step guide follows.

Note: For non Windows 8 user, you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and above in order to run FinchVPN client.

Step 1. Download the latest FinchVPN GUI

Visit FinchVPN Website

Step 2. Click save file when prompted

Download OpenVPN GUI

Step 3. From your browser's downloads window, double click .zip file that just downloaded. Extract FinchVPN folder to your detination.

Open the OpenVPN installer

Step 4. Open the folder and run FinchVPN.exe

Launch FinchVPN Client

Info Press 'More Info' and 'Run Anyway' if this dialog pop out.

Visit FinchVPN Website

Step 5. Click Install when TAP-Win32 warning comes up

Step 6. That's it

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